From the Desk of the Managing Director

“We believe a business is not successful if it is only committed to profit. It has to be an activity which creates prosperity and well being for all those who are connected with it directly or indirectly. Profit is only a by-product reflecting how well we are carrying out the business activity.

Our commitment, firstly, is to the Customers we serve as we are in business because of them. As a Caterpillar Dealer, it is our aim to bring our Customers a quality product which is reliable and is best suited to Customers’ job requirements. Subsequently, we must ensure that the product gives the Customers the kind of performance and productivity that will enable our Customers to realize the full value of money paid. Our relationship with the Customers does not end with a sale but a journey just starts with it.

It is to this end that Tehama has developed its network across Yemen with the required infra structure over the last 50 plus years. The underlying approach has always been to have a dealership which is well organized to deliver world class Customer support in line with the current and changing needs of the country. I believe, only a talented group of people can bring in delight in Customers’ minds and to this effect, we give an excellent work environment in Tehama to our staff, nurturing and developing their talents continuously, to deliver the Best in Class support to our Customers.

Tehama, part of the Thabet group is truly a Yemeni enterprise with deep seated roots in Yemen and is playing a leading role in the country’s social, economic and industrial development. Starting with a small ship bunkering company in Aden in 1925, the group has now grown into a conglomerate of diversified manufacturing, marketing, shipping and service companies enabling Tehama to offer Total Solutions to the Customers.

Tehama is proud of its association with Caterpillar over five decades – first in Aden until 1969 and then in the northern part and now for the unified Republic of Yemen. As a Caterpillar Dealer, we are able to bring to the country not only the finest quality products but also the expertise and know-how of a world leader in the productive use as well as equipment management.

We, in Tehama, take the pride in nurturing our association with Nissan for over five decades, pushing boundaries with the Nissan Intelligent Mobility concept. We continue to deliver our support to Yemeni Customers the Nissan way….

Today, Yemen is striving towards progress and development. We are closely associated in supplying CAT products and delivering Tehama Customer Support Services for the country’s various developmental activities – road construction, air & sea ports expansion, power & water projects, irrigation, general construction, oil exploration & production, industries, health & hospitality, land forming, marine, quarrying, mining etc.,

Also, being the Dealer for Peugeot, Massey Ferguson and Veedol Lubricants, we complement with respective innovative products to the Yemeni customers and support them adequately.

Tehama and its Principals, together as partners, continue to progress in this changing landscape of Yemen, enabling Yemenis to build a better Yemen consistently.”

Ali Abdo Thabet